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I am writing this statement in relation to allegations of abuse against the Senior Leader of the Church I have been a part of for the past 8 years, until my recent resignation.

I take no joy in this, and I know that there will be mixed reactions to my statement. However, after speaking to a few pastors I hold in high regard across different denominations, I decided this was necessary. I have been one of the leaders at the forefront of this ministry, and one who has been openly passionate about justice in the Church especially in relation to…

I will start by saying, I do not believe in any doctrine that insinuates that your destiny is tied to that of any local assembly.

By that I mean, a teaching that infers that if you leave a certain Church, your life will be negatively affected. In fact, I think such a belief is demonic and assemblies that teach that have traits of a cult, and should be avoided.

If the scriptures are true and we are indeed the temple of the living God, then the presence of Christ is indeed in every true Christian assembly and leaving one to…

A small syringe in the middle of a black screen.
A small syringe in the middle of a black screen.
Illustrated by Felicia Ngwube

I loved the Left Behind books as a teenager.

They were my first introduction to ‘Christian fiction’. I was enthralled by the apocalyptic story of Christians trying to survive after being ‘left behind’ following the rapture. They were truly page-turners, and I wished that someone would make a good movie about them. Hollywood attempted to do so and got Nicholas Cage as the lead actor.

I will say no more on the matter.

I became even more fascinated by the fact that the events in the book were deemed as a future reality. Whenever I spoke to most Christians about…

By AD 200, 3 things were considered forgivable by God, but not by the Church.

Apostasy. Murder. Sexual immorality.

Though the concept of the Church refusing to forgive something that God has is questionable, it shows you how much the Church hated sexual misconduct and immorality. Church leaders were accused of sanctioning sin if they even attempted to readmit someone who had done any of these things.

Now sexual sin, misconduct and abuse has become associated with the Church. How did a place meant to be a safe haven become a house of horror for many?

My aim in this…

For 2 months last year, every fortnight I walked into the office of a middle aged white man with mousy brown hair who likes to take photos of war memorials and loves Jesus.

He was my therapist.

I had stalked him on social media before the start of our first session. If I was going to be pouring out my heart to him, I wanted to know certain things about him first (he doesn’t know this, so when you do read this Jeremy, I promise it was only once).

I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back a bit.

Why I decided to get therapy


A ‘prophet’ once told my grandma and I to read the Bible naked. I wrote about it.

I’ve seen first hand how weird things can get in Charismatic circles, when the scriptures are not held in high regard. It can be harmful and wound souls. I’ve seen the criticism the charismatic movement has gotten. I’ve watched videos from the Strange Fire conference and read blogs by people who have had bad experiences.

Yet I still believe in the gifts of the Spirit.

My beliefs concerning the gifts have changed over the past decade, but I refuse to throw the baby…

A few years ago, I was convinced that I would find my wife via a supernatural vision or dream that God would give me.

I really wanted to be sure of any important decision I made and I thought the best way was to have a ‘supernatural’ experience.

I’m engaged now. I’ve still had no vision or dream concerning my fiancee.

We all have to make important decisions. From choosing which university to study at to which person to marry (or if we should marry). Depending on your Christian circle, you can approach this differently.

Some will say pray about…

7–8 years ago.

I’m not here to convince you that porn is wrong.

There are far better blog posts and resources out there that will do a better job than I ever could.

This is not the blog post where I share the fullness of how sexual abuse and indecent exposure at a young age got me addicted by 11.

That’s not my intention.

But if you plan on reading on, I will tell you about some things I’ve learned since I stopped watching porn, 7 years ago. All from the perspective of a young black christian man.

A short summary of my addiction

It started before I was…

Young Michael in Year 7. I was 11/12.

My mum definitely didn’t respect me.

I was in Year 7 (I spent that year in the UK) and despite my consistent protests, my mum decided that she would be the most suitable person in the world to cut my hair. I tried to explain to her why I was quite averse to her doing this. I told her that what she was doing was having a negative impact on me mentally and emotionally by destroying one of the most important and significant things to a youngster at that age.

His rep.

She would look at me emotionless, pull out…

I know that this sounds like a tragedy, but it’s actually kinda funny.

I lived in Ibadan, Nigeria with my grandmother for most of my childhood and about approximately a third of my life. She raised me Anglican and through her, I learned to love the concept of God. I loved Christianity and how interesting it could be. I loved the crazy women that would roll on the floor when giving testimonies and would get passive-aggressive and narrow their eyes when the pastor asked if they could return the microphone. I loved the Anglican procession and how the Vicar would…

Michael Olasope

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